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Enclave Games Monthly report: February 2014

I decided to have a monthly reports about all the Enclave-related activities. It won’t be an income report as this aspect is still a work-in-progress – I mean, most of my projects are free, open sourced and targeted to deliver value to the community, but I’ll have to work on making money out of it somehow. Anyway, here’s what happened in February:


I’m still trying to finish two articles: one about Craigen and the second one about Phaser framework where I use Monster Wants Candy demo to show it. Both are stuck at the feedback I received, so it’s a matter of finding a few days to fix some things and push those articles forward. I hope I’ll finish them in March.

I blogged about how to Host Your HTML5 Games on GitHub Pages. I also worked on the “Playing around with the Gamepad API” chapter for the HTML5 Game Development Insights book from Apress with many interesting co-authors. It’s my first printed writing, I just can’t wait to see it in the stores.


I started working on Wizard Quest again, third or fourth attempt, from scratch. I have to finish it, sooner or later – it’s a matter of honor. Monster Wants Candy was almost done through February, it was suppose to be finished already, but it looks like it will be published in March. I was also working on the Hungry Fridge game used in the Gamepad API chapter of the Apress book.


You can read about my travel to Mobile World Congress where I demoed Captain Rogers on the Firefox OS devices at the Mozilla booth that took place in Barcelona at the end of February.

Plans for the next month

It would be good to finish those two articles about Craigen and Phaser, finish and publish Monster Wants Candy and Hungry Fridge games, also work on the Wizard Quest. As for the events – MDN Work Weekend in Paris is the big one in March.

I’ve also bought domain and want to have a portal there with open sourced HTML5 games, but it looks like I’ll have to leave it for later, just as the Build HTML5 Games for Firefox OS ebook.