Joining forces with GameSnacks

24th March 2020 in Enclave Games

If you haven’t noticed, a new portal from Google launched more than a month ago – it’s called GameSnacks, and focuses on delivering fast casual gaming experiences.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: February 2020

10th March 2020 in Enclave Games

Even though 2020 is a leap year and February had 29 days instead of 28, it was rather slow and quiet month.

Gamedev.js Warsaw #15

9th March 2020 in Events

A little bit later than usual, but here’s the quick report from our latest Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup #15 that happened last month, on Tuesday February 11th 2020.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: January 2020

3rd February 2020 in Enclave Games

First month of the year was rather slow when it comes to the number of completed Enclave Games related tasks, mainly because I was sick most of the time. There’s still a few interesting things to mention though.

New Winter level in Flood Escape

29th January 2020 in Enclave Games

The wait time is over! It’s the end of January already, 29th to be precise, and we just had our very first snow here in Warsaw this winter. Because of that, we’d like to give you a little bit of virtual snowy time in Flood Escape too.

Enclave Games in 2019, and plans for 2020

21st January 2020 in Enclave Games

Tradition of laughing while comparing what I wanted to do with Enclave Games in a given year versus what actually happened continues. Let’s recap the past year and prepare some plans for the upcoming one that probably won’t happen anyway.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: December 2019

2nd January 2020 in Enclave Games

Last month of the year, December, have seen a few events, and some swag being shipped to those who were suppose to get it a month or two ago already.

Gamedev.js workshop about ECS

27th December 2019 in Events

A few days ago, on Saturday December 21st, I’ve helped organize Gamedev.js workshop where Michał Budzyński and Staś Małolepszy did really cool intro to the Entity Component System using Breakout game’s source code as an example.

WRUG – Ruby meetup with my talk about… web games, obviously

20th December 2019 in Events

I was asked to give a talk about the evolution of HTML5 games at the… Warsaw Ruby Users Group meetup. So I did.

ConFrontJS 2019 versus Disney on Ice

16th December 2019 in Events

Who would’ve thought I’ll be running around Warsaw and trying to cover Disney on Ice (Torwar) location and ConFrontJS conference (Engineering Design Center) at almost the same time, and get away with it?