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W3C Games CG April 2024: GDC

The second W3C Games CG online meetup this year (after January’s AI one) happened last week, on Tuesday April 30th - this time we’ve talked about Web games at GDC.

End3r's Corner - W3C Games CG April 2024 - Web games at GDC

Game Developer’s Conference was held in San Francisco in March, and you could notice bigger-than-usual web presence there. Both Poki and Godot had their booths, while CrazyGames and Meta lurked around the halls.

The whole session revolved around GDC participants sharing their experiences: Erik from Poki, Noël from Meta, Adam from Godot (even though it was 4 AM for him!), Rafael from CrazyGames, and Björn from Defold, with others asking questions and adding to the discussion as well.

End3r's Corner - W3C Games CG April 2024 - happy folks

Overall the sentiment seems to be very positive, and we might expect even more web games next year, since companies like Discord and LinkedIn are currently investing a lot of their time and resources into web games. I could totally imagine their booths at GDC 2025 having some cool browser games for visitors to play while having fruitful conversations at the same time.

Check out the video and transcript if you’re curious what exactly have we talked about and how folks liked the event!