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TechKlub Kraków

I was invited to travel to Kraków and give a talk at the TechKlub meetup on April 4th - theme of this edition of the meetup was… games, obviously. I probably wouldn’t write about it otherwise.

This time though the audience was different than the usual one I give talks to. Instead of front-end developers, game developers, or programmers in general, it was a meetup with non-government organizations, press or media, and I had only two programmers in the audience. I think it went very good anyway, because the talk about js13kGames competition had little to no slides with the soure code, and the one I had didn’t even needed to be explained too much.

Oh, and people have noticed I was using the XBox 360 to control the slides (Reveal.js with the Gamepad API plugin I wrote years ago), which haven’t happened in quite some time.

Organizers from the Wzmacniacz initiative were super nice, everything went perfectly smooth, and I’m very happy I participated in the meetup. If you’re based in Kraków, then I can totally recommend checking them out.