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Redesigning Hungry Fridge

Let’s write something different than a monthly report this time. The game Hungry Fridge was redesigned, so you can enjoy the new graphics with the same gameplay – let’s see how it went.

Hungry Fridge redesign: main menu

The situation was that Ewa, our main graphic designer, is learning like crazy. She created the design for Hungry Fridge first, then followed with Full Immersion and Triskaidekaphobia. Let’s forget about the third game for the sake of this article as it have a specific style, different from the others.

So, the first game created by Ewa was Hungry Fridge, and it looked good. Then she created Full Immersion and… well… it was A LOT better. A natural process of learning, right? It’s just that Ewa have a big talent, so you can see a difference between those two games. To keep all the game designs on a similar level we decided to do a reskin.

Hungry Fridge redesign: how to play

From the programmer’s point of view it was easy – just replace the images in the folder with the new ones and adjust their positions on the screen if the size has changed. From the graphic designer point of view it was a whole new project, plus it had to be different from the original one, but follow the same theme. The suprisingly easy part was to convince Ewa that it’s not about whether the old design is “good” or “bad” – it was more of a business decision, so all three games could be sold to publishers effectively.

We have also added a small bonus: facial expressions. The Fridge is rolling his eyes on main menu and also moving the mouth when eating the food during gameplay. It’s still a simple reskin, but we wanted to add something extra to the mix.

Hungry Fridge redesign: gameplay

This reskin will be used as example in the bigger article that will be published on a different website in the near future, along with the case of rewriting Captain Rogers in Phaser and adding some achievements to it.

Those three games: Hungry Fridge, Full Immersion and Triskaidekaphobia are all available for licensing – probably non-exclusive, but if you’re interested in the exclusive deal you have to act quick to acquire them before anyone else.

So, how do you like the new design of Hungry Fridge?