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The new beginning

I was thinking about starting a blog in English for a couple of months, and I finally got myself kicked in the butt lately, so here it is! I’m not going to abandon my front-end blog written in Polish, but I’ll try to separate some topics here and there. I thought about expanding my own CMS and adding some cool stuff, but I realized that I don’t have time even for some interesting games to make, not to mention other ideas, so I finally pick the Wordpress. I started to work on my own custom theme, but again a lack of time hit me in the head, so I found interesting theme and decorated it a little bit with the green color. Maybe in the future I’ll change it and make something on my own, but for now this one have to stay. This blog will be focused on HTML5 gaming, but I can’t assure you that you won’t find anything related to CSS3 or other front-end stuff. It’s still my private technical blog, not an official website dedicated to gamedev only. Anyway, be sure to subscribe or follow me, because I’m already preparing a blast - a contest that will be published here in the next few days and the prizes are worth almost $500! And you know what? Yeah, it will be game development related, so stay tuned!