GDevelop game tutorial for Season of Docs – project report

29th November 2019 - 20:58

Back in August I was accepted to the first edition of the Season of Docs – Google’s program to connect open source software with technical writers. I was set to write a hyper-casual game tutorial built in GDevelop engine.

300 issues of the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter

4th October 2019 - 10:00

Who would’ve thought I’ll send out the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter issues three hundred times in a row, every single week since the beginning of January 2014?

Google Season of Docs and GDevelop

7th August 2019 - 16:00

It’s official! I’ll be participating in this year’s Season of Docs where Google helps connect technical writers with open source projects and communities – I’ve teamed up with the GDevelop folks.

Indie perspective on Web games at the W3C Workshop – take the survey!

13th June 2019 - 13:12

Two weeks from now, 27-28 June 2019 at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, W3C will host a workshop about Web games. I’m lucky enough to be able to attend thanks to being part of the Mozilla Tech Speakers initiative.

Support Phaser

5th December 2018 - 16:11

I don’t always publish blog posts about random things, but when I do, I really mean them. Plus I needed to show you a very cool addition to my sticker collection. (re)launched

6th June 2018 - 16:07

Usually most of my projects wait many months (if not years) in limbo queue to be actually released, because the TODO list have countless items on it and I constantly add more, but from time to time something happens and the item from the top is magically launched.

HTML5 Games: Novice to Ninja – technical reviewing SitePoint’s book

23rd March 2018 - 16:15

I’m happy to announce the book I was helping technically review is finally finished and available to be bought – HTML5 Games: Novice to Ninja witten by Earle Castledine and published by SitePoint.

Judging js1k 2018

19th February 2018 - 16:15

The history has come full circle – I was invited to become a judge in js1k, the same competition I was partly inspired by when creating my own, js13kGames.

Gamedev.js by the numbers

8th November 2017 - 16:29

The Gamedev.js YouTube channel reached 100 subscribers, so I was able to finally change the channel’s url to a memorable one instead of a random string, and the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter reached 200 issues, so I decided it’s a good excuse to do a little review of other Gamedev.js-related numbers.

First Gamedev.js workshop in Poland

5th December 2016 - 17:01

It’s not that Gamedev.js workshop #1 was my debut in a role of the workshop lead – I did run one at Mozilla Festival in 2013 and the other at BrazilJS in 2015 – but it was the first one in Poland and at the same time the first one ever organized by me. I wanted to do it for the past few years already, but it’s better late than never.