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Familiar faces in the first Grant for the Web CFP announcements

I was so happy to see the projects that I was rooting for in the first Grant for the Web open Call for Proposals were accepted and announced.

End3r's Corner - GFTW CFP

I’m gonna talk about four projects: one from the Spark level grants, three from the Mid level. Three ex Mozilla Tech Speakers friends, one dev of the engine I use. Those are, in that particular order:

1. Immersive Payment by Rabimba Karanjai

Rabimba will be focusing on delivering a solid way to monetize WebXR content, which we definitely need to have sooner or later. I did a few VR demos myself, even taught at a workshop or two, so this is definitely on my radar.

2. Little Webby Press by Andre Garzia

Andre is preparing a tool that will help publish ebooks - both exporting them to popular reader formats, but also provide a PWA version that could be read online, with monetization enabled of course. I do have an ebook on my Grant for the Web projects list - I’m excited to see the results of his work, so I can use them myself.

3. Waasabi by István “Flaki” Szmozsánszky (and the Bay Area Tech Club team)

Flaki is working on a tool that we need for the current pandemic situation - a better way to handle meetups and conferences online, which can incentivize public speakers with Web Monetization working in the background. I’d totally go for an online, global Gamedev.js meetup next year if I had the time.

4. Phaser and Pixi Web Monetization Plugins and Tutorials by Richard Davey

Rich is the author of Phaser, the framework we’re using at Enclave Games. I wanted to work on a Web Monetization Phaser plugin myself, but it looks like I might not need to, as this is part of the grant Rich got. I’m busy with my projects till the end of the year, but maybe there will be some opportunities to help later on.

As you can see, only one project is strictly gamedev-specific (beside our grant, the other game development one so far is Defold), but all of them could be used as such, which I plan on executing. The non-gamedev projects from my good friends seem like a perfect opportunity - we could literally work on some really cool projects together! Plus the Phaser plugins and tutorials, which I’d add to my grant in the first place if I could only clone myself.

Make sure to follow those folks to keep track of what they’re doing, especially if you’re into Web Monetization, as they’ll be producing some solid stuff in the coming months!