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Enclave Games Monthly Report: December 2019

Last month of the year, December, have seen a few events, and some swag being shipped to those who were suppose to get it a month or two ago already.


Nothing new, only some minor work on adjusting our games for clients: fixing bugs, (re)implementing SDKs, etc.


In December I’ve submitted Season of Docs evaluation report about writing the GDevelop tutorial, and I’m doing a technical review of a book I can’t share the name yet.


I’ve talked about the past, present, and the future of HTML5 game development at ConFrontJS conference (the one with Disney on Ice in the background) and WRUG meetup (the one about… Ruby), and helped organize Gamedev.js workshop about Entity Component System.


The js13kGames t-shirts were finally printed and shipped (yay!). Even though I tried to keep an eye on every aspect of it, the printing house managed to print the t-shirts… on a wrong material. The t-shirts were suppose to be cheaper than in 2018 because of the discount I got for the printing house’s fail last year, but they were even more expensive because of the “better” material I didn’t want. Apparently I expect too much when I want to have stuff done in a certain way…

Good thing is some people started receiving their swag already.

Plans for the next month

I’d like to start working on the new version of my personal website (which I haven’t touched since… forever), and finish the upgrade as soon as possible.