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Gamedev.js Warsaw #14

Two weeks ago, on Tuesday November 19th, we’ve gathered for the 14th edition of the Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup - it was hosted in the same building as the previous one (Warsaw #13 was all about js13kGames), but in the different place - a floor below of the WeWork spaces.

Gamedev.js Warsaw #14

We were hosted by Codility once again, and this time Rafał “Fatfisz” Ruciński took over the role of a host from Tomasz “Kos” Wesołowski. Our room was small, but cozy, and enough for our bunch of about 30 people.

Unfortunately, we had to organize the recording in the last minute as the previous one dropped the same day the meetup was going to happen. We were lucky to be supported by Wojciech Woźniak, who had his equipment set up and recorded the whole thing. Having all the talks recorded is quite important to me, so I’m happy we were able to have this covered.

Intro to 3D

Kacper Pietrzak decided to try learning basics of 3D graphics on the Web, experimented with Good Luck (talked about by Michał Budzyński and Staś Małolepszy, the authors of the tool, at the previous meetup), and then gave the summary of his lessons learned. He also showcased a Pong demo created with Good Luck.

Game design fundamentals

Mateusz Kietliński talked about game design principles, focused on the concept of creation through destruction, and showed many interesting examples. It was a very interesting non-programming talk which many people said they really liked.

AI powered Tetris

Michał Budzyński went for discussing the popular concept of humanity confronting the robots in the form on an AI being trained to be better than any human can be… playing Tetris. He showed us how the learning algorithm can be adjusted based on various criteria, and the end result was quite impressive.

Announcements and Showcase

We had a bunch of announcements: I’ve thanked our valuable partners Codility, Iterators, Mozilla, but also the newest supporter - Postmark. I’ve introduced the upcoming WeBB MeetUp in Bielsko-Biała, ConFrontJS and GDG DevFest conferences in Warsaw, and our very own ECS workshop.

The Showcase part was taken over by Michał and Staś explaining details of the mentioned ECS workshop that will happen just before Christmas, on Saturday December 21st.

Quiz with prizes

Another meetup, another quiz, but this time with tickets to conferences instead of physical prizes - we’ve given away a few ConFrontJS and GDG DevFest coupons to participants. After that part it was time for pizza and drinks, and gamedev discussions.


This edition wouldn’t be possible without Rafał Ruciński for hosting us, and Wojciech Woźniak for helping with the talk recordings. You can check the photos from the meetup, and the videos should be up in the next few days.