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Enclave Games Monthly Report: July 2019

This month’s report is mostly about updating Enclave Phaser Template and the trip to London to give a WebXR talk at the FullStack conference.


I was finally able to update Enclave Phaser Template to Phaser 3, and published the source code on GitHub. The 100 Days of Code is going ok, and I’m currently finishing the Neuroshima Hex Counter app.


I was accepted to Google’s Season of Docs! The official announcement will go out in the next few days, but I think I can let you know about that already. I will be writing a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a game (demo) with GDevelop.


I was giving a WebXR talk at the FullStack conference in London where I had a great time with Andre, a bunch of (old and new) Tech Speakers, and some Polish friends.


Preparations to js13kGames 2019 are in full swing. I’m going to announce the new Web Monetization category really soon. It’s still a secret, but nobody reads my reports anyway (otherwise I’d see some comments below), so I can say whatever I want.

Plans for the next month

Launching js13kGames 2019. Also, js13kGames 2019 hackday in Berlin on August 17th.