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Meet.js meets Gamedev.js in the Yggdrasil's office

Exactly two weeks ago, on October 26th, I’ve visited Yggdrasil’s office in Kraków to represent Gamedev.js initiative and give a talk about mixing up realities using Progressive Web Apps and board games.

Yggdrasil Pixi

The event itself was a special Meet.js event organized by Krzysiek Kula together with Yggdrasil in their office, and had web games as the main theme. Krzysiek is organizing regular Meet.js meetups in Kraków, but only a few people know that he did a few Gamedev.js Kraków meetups back in 2013 and 2014 too.

Main guest of the event was Mat Groves, the author of Pixi.js - he had an introduction to his tool and talked about its future. Up next was Grzegorz Przybyłowicz, who nicely explained types of animations in HTML5 games, and Jens Malmborg continued on how to use Spine for skeletal animations in particular.

Yggdrasil PWA

Last talk of the evening belonged to me - I did a brand new presentation about building a digital add-on to the physical game using modern technologies and techniques to make it truly cross-platform and at the same time as close to native as possible. The flow of the talk wasn’t perfect as it was the first time having something longer than a 7-minute lightning talk, but I hope people enjoyed the topic and will think about their own ideas for similar experiments.

There’s a recording of the live stream, and you can check a few photos from the event already. The videos of the talks should be up in the upcoming days.

Yggdrasil people

The event went well, and I’m really happy I could take part in it, and support it as Gamedev.js. It was the third collaboration between initiatives, companies and ⁄ or cities this year - first one was about the WebVR meetups (and a workshop) in Warsaw, and the second about Gamedev.js-themed Meet.js meetup in Katowice.