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Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2018

September was so extremely busy that its report is published at the beginning of November - I don’t think I had such a delay before, ever.


I secretly worked on the (quick and dirty) HexRoulette prototype in 13 kilobytes, and then built the (more or less) final, post compo version. It still needs refinement, so let’s wait with the official news a bit.


More js13kGames articles on Medium: Queue, Disqus, Community Awards winners, and extending the judging.


I gave a lightning talk during the Tech Speakers Paris meetup about Progressive Web Apps and board games, where I used PWA-featured HexRoulette digital add-on to the Neuroshima Hex board game as a demo.


Plenty of js13kGames, in all shapes and sizes, preparing the swag bags, sending a whole lot of emails and digital prizes.

Plans for the next month

No need to write down, as the next monthly report will be up in a couple of days anyway.