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Enclave Games Monthly Report: October 2018

Monthly Report for October is published a few days after the September one in an attempt to get back to writing and publishing blog posts on time.

Yggdrasil PWA


Nothing worth noting, only minor API adjustments and bug fixes in a bunch of our games delivered to some of the regular clients.


One article about judging and the feedback issues during js13kGames 2018. There’s also the gamedev versus front-end article going through some of the thoughts I have given current situation.


I gave a talk at the Meet.js Kraków Gamedev.js edition at Yggdrasil meetup where I talked about Progressive Web Apps and board games, the brand new presentation material that debuted as a lightning talk the month before at the Tech Speakers meetup in Paris.

I’ve attended Vue and React workshops organized by Ide School and DevMeetings respectively, and went for the ConFrontJS conference thanks to the invite from the organizer, Piotr Kowalski, who also leads WarsawJS meetups.


I plan to start 100 Days of Code - I thought about it in the past few months, it would be a good excuse to catch up with programming. Managing the js13kGames competition is taking way too much time - the last actual game development I did was building the Body Guard demo in January for the Global Game Jam, and the last finished and released game was Flood Escape, which was out more than 1,5 years ago. As a “game developer” that’s waaay too long.

Plans for the next month

Managing the print of the js13kGames t-shirts, CDs, organizing the stickers, and actual shipping. Also, sending out the rest of the digital prizes. Maybe, if time permits, organizing the Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup, given the previous one was held almost one year ago.