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Enclave Games Monthly Report: June 2018

June went through really quick because of the All Hands - first the preparations, then the actual week in San Francisco, and then the next one recovering from jetlag, and another catching up on emails and stuff.

SF All Hands 2018 - Sir GitHub


Noticeable amount of bugfixes and API integrations for clients. Also, we’ve finally released the new football level in Flood Escape, although the 1.1 version based on the received feedback is still in progress.


No, and it looks like there will be less of that in the future. The only non-event-related blog post was about Backup Day in Enclave Games.


Mozilla’s All Hands in San Francisco, and Fire Talk meetup about WebVR with A-Frame a few days later back in Warsaw.


All things js13kGames - getting more prizes, announcing judges, negotiating with potential sponsors, finishing the details of the new categories. Next is the work on the website, social media, and such. Hope to engage the community in some of the actions this year.

I finally have my Oculus Go to experiment with the concept of WebVR on a standalone device for demos, talks and workshops. Next chance to use it will be at JS Camp in Barcelona where I’ll lead the WebVR workshop.

The BLUR app will launch soon, and there should be an interesting partnership announced as well - fingers crossed for the team.

Some doors are shutting down while others may open. Sometimes strange things happen, may it be bad or good - you’ll never know how it will end up years from now. It’s important to carry on, have a plan and believe in it.

Plans for the next month

Visiting Barcelona for the JS Camp conference, preparing js13kGames, and not falling behind with emails and small tasks of running Enclave Games that can pile up pretty quick if you leave them for more than a second unattended.