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Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2017

Last month’s report will be about… yeah, the exact same thing as the previous couple of months: js13kGames. At least this time I have a few resources and blog posts to share.

js13kGames A-Frame


I did something, finally. It was a tiny little project, work for the client, but the feedback was very positive. I may write more about it soon. Also, worked a bit on incorporating other client’s API into our own games for a non-exclusive license deal.


Wrote an article for Mozilla Hacks blog: A-Frame comes to js13kGames: build a game in WebVR, and co-authored another one with Lee Reilly for GitHub’s blog: Build a game in 13kB or less with js13kGames.


I’ve organized something new this year - js13kGames Launch Party. We had panel with experts who were answering questions about the competition, I think it went ok.


Another month filled with work on the js13kGames competition, but it’s worth the hassle.

Plans for the next month

Finish the compo, manage swag - printing and shipping t-shirts and cardboards.