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Enclave Games Monthly Report: December 2016

As you can imagine in December I wasn’t too active because of the inevitable Christmas time - I mostly focused on answering emails to not be swamped by them too much.


Well, nope, nothing this month. I’d like to finish Hat Tricks someday - it’s a few days work to be honest, so I don’t need much, but finding the time for it is actually the hardest.


Well, nope, nothing either. I hope to have the Phaser camera features article to be posted in January though as it went past editing stage already.


I gave one talk about WebVR/A-Frame at the Code Europe conference and the second one about HTML5 gamedev at The Awwwesomes workshop the same day - check out my busy Wednesday blog post for details. We also organized a second Gamedev.js workshop and I again led the coding part. It was fun and I really hope to have more such events in the near future.


Christmas time took over almost half of the month, so not much had happened in terms of “solid work”. I’m really happy we managed to organize the Gamedev.js workshop before the end of the year though. I focused on bringing my inbox to the “almost-zero” state and keeping it that way through the month.

Plans for the next month

Not getting the js13kGames swag prepared and shipped by the end of 2016 will haunt me for some time until I actually do it. Wish me luck (again).