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Scooby-Doo promo game made with Phaser

I did a quick gamedev project for The Digitals - it was a Scooby-Do themed game that was promoting Dr. Gerard’s new snacks.


Polish agencies give me the creeps and I’m usually not taking any gamedev freelance jobs from them at all since almost every single one I worked with so far wanted to screw me over, or actually did. Surprisingly enough, after the unexpected turn of events Grzegorz Bagrowski connected me with The Digitals, who were in dire need of a game developer. I’m not exactly sure why, but I accepted the offer even though the deadline was quite short - not to mention there were trips to Reykjavik and Berlin, and the js13kGames finale in the meantime.


The development process went very smooth - with initial meetings to go through all the details, so everybody knew what to do, and how to do it. In-house graphic designer had a great sense of how to do things when preparing the designs, exporting the assets and such. If there were things that would take a lot more time than the value they bring, we could leave them be, or adjust them in a way the development process would take a lot less effort - which was a very good approach.

The project itself was created with Phaser (version 2.6.2) - it was one main game and three mini-games: riding the famous Mystery Machine collecting cookies and avoiding ghosts and bats, matching pairs of cookies, catching falling cookies and finding the hidden ones. The main game had single levels of the mini-ones built in, but they all were also available as a separate games with many more levels.


They all had rather simple gameplay, so the implementation part wasn’t difficult. All of the games had to have Polish, Slovak, Romanian and Hungarian language versions, but all the translations were delivered in both text and audio, so it also went well without any problems.

You can visit the game’s page at where the links for the main game, and all the mini-games can be found, or play the main game directly here:

The funny thing: it was quite cool to hear the official Polish lector of Scooby reading out loud the instructions within the game itself.


I’m surprised to say it, but I can honestly recommend The Digitals - they are a nice bunch to work with. I don’t expect to take a lot of new freelance jobs now, I have many projects on my own, but at least this deal turned out to be very good, so not everything is lost in here.

Gamedev portfolio

It went so well that instead of running the Enclave Games website alone I thought it would be cool to refresh my personal website and create the gamedev portfolio - the list of all the games I worked on so far. Surprisingly enough, when I was doing the front-end work I had my portfolio documented, but when I moved to game development it somehow wasn’t the most important thing to do. Maybe it’s high time for a refresh.