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One Game a Month 2016 - half a year status check

I decided to take a personal challenge and try to make one game per month this year. Half of that time already passed, so let’s see how it worked so far.


If you do the math correctly, half a year is 6 months, so you’d expect 6 new games from Enclave Games. I’m not sure how to tell you this, but there are good news, and the bad news. Start with the bad news first? Okay then.

The bad news

Yes, you guessed that right - I haven’t succeeded making 6 games this year so far.

The good news

Well, hey - I made more games this year already than I did in 2015! I know ONE game last year is something you can beat quite easily, but it could be worse, right?

The games

Let’s see what have been done to miserably fail reaching the goal:

  • I’ve made a game called Ritual Duel in January during Global Game Jam, at a local PolyJam in Warsaw to be exact. So far, so good.
  • I’ve submitted Wizard Quest as my February game, because I haven’t worked on anything else back then. It was playable, but still full of bugs, and the finished game was announced just a few days ago.
  • I’ve made the Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda demo in March. It’s not a completed game yet, but the demo is quite playable. On the to do list there are more enemies, weapons, bonuses and worlds to explore, but the core gameplay is already there.
  • Shape Attack was created in April. Again, it was a weekend jam entry, Ludum Dare #35, but it’s completed.
  • Nothing for May unfortunately, same for June, but I have a working prototype of the game Hat Tricks that should be fairly easy to complete.

So, 1 point for January, 0.5 for March, 1 for April, 0.25 for May and June combined, and an extra 8998 points for February’s Wizard Quest being completed in June. A total of 9000.75 points - that’s over NINE THOUSAND!

The second half

I’m gonna try the Twelve Games a Year “competition”, a little cheating variation on the One Game a Month approach. It will be extremely hard to do that, but if I was able to finish Wizard Quest, then everything’s possible.

As you can imagine trying to do One Game a Month was very optimistic, even more if you consider I’m writing some articles for MDN lately and my baby girl Kasia was born almost four months ago. But well, it is a good personal challenge that don’t have to be completed 100% to be considered a success - if you’re struggling to finish a game you should try it too!