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Enclave Games Monthly Report: April 2016

It was a good month even though the gamedev work was highly disrupted by incorporating a new member into the team. She’s young, but I know she’ll be a great addition in the future.



We were able to create Shape Attack - a small, casual game submitted to the Ludum Dare 35 jam. Considering it being a weekend creation, because we don’t have time to work together much right now, I can say I’m happy with the result. There was a gameplay bug that I was able to fix, but it was there for some time, so I don’t expect any good rating for it. The good thing was we were able to implement extra themes in the game. You can read the making of to learn about all the interesting details.

I was also working on the Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda last month. I have some plans on using it as an example for tutorials and such just like I did with Captain Rogers: Asteroid Belt of Sirius. You can also see how much the technology and my skills changed over the years if you’ll have the chance to compare those two.

I also fixed a bug in Wizard Quest, yay me!


The three MDN Games articles were finished:

You should check them all out! Next on the list are controls (touch, keyboard, gamepad), and I plan on using Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda as a case study when the demo is ready.


I attended 4Developers conference and gave two talks in a single day - about earning money when creating HTML5 games, and about building stuff using A-Frame, a new WebVR framework. Check out the slides linked in the blog post for more info - the videos should be available soon.



I have to admit I dropped my Patreon support of Phaser after a few months - I’m cutting all the monthly commitments I can. My Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter is not getting any adverts, and you have to pay for the software over 2000 subscribers. On the other hand I bought Phaser Virtual Joystick Plugin and plan to support Rich by buying all the other tools and resources over time. It was a tough decision, but I hope I’ll be able to give back somehow in the future.

If you have any spare funds while working with Phaser I highly recommend visiting Phaser on Patreon to support it, or buying stuff from Phaser shop.

Plans for the next month

Finishing up Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda demo and working on the full version of it, creating the MDN Games docs about input controls. I’ll attend Front-Trends conference this month, but just for the sake of meeting some friends rather than be an active speaker. I didn’t have time to offer running a Mozilla booth due to lack of time - too bad as the new WebVR stuff is really amazing.

Creating a new game this month for the One Game a Month might be a tough challenge.