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Enclave Games Monthly Report: December 2015

It’s this time of the month again - let’s see if Christmas got in the way of doing some cool gamedev stuff in December.



Fortunately enough there was two publishers interested in my (or should I say our) games, and suprisingly enough it was very easy to work with them. That’s because Robert is taking care of client stuff, obviously.

I was working on the new installment of Captain Rogers, let’s call it Captain Rogers 2 even though BlackMoon Design have a whole bunch of other games with our brave hero. The second version, Battle at Andromeda, is an extension based on the first Asteroid Belt of Sirius - it’s built from scratch with Phaser and will have a bunch of extra stuff like shooting to an endless waves of aliens. It should be fun!

While working on Captain Rogers 2 demo for Panasonic TVs with Firefox OS I’ve created an Enclave Phaser Template - my own template that I use when working on Phaser games - feel free to give it a try! To show all my open source projects like the mentioned template I’ve also created a handy little page to list that kind of stuff.


I’ve blogged a bit: about open sourcing Enclave Phaser Template and publishing, my MozFest summary, autumn conference activities (in Polish, which is not happening too often), announced Device Lab and reached #100 issues of Gamedev.js Weekly.


The only event I attended was the Orlando Work Week, which was awesome.

Plans for the next month

Working on the full version of Captain Rogers 2 a bit, but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it in January. I’d like to write more for MDN Games as I haven’t got much time for that in December, though it was suppose to be my main focus. I played with the concept of the new Captain Rogers instead and have to admit that I enjoyed it a lot.