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Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2015

Most of the month was taken over by js13kGames, obviously – sending more emails, accepting the entries and overall competition management. I also had the chance to run a gamedev workshop on another continent.


Wizard Quest is waiting for some free time to fix the remaining bugs. One is pretty bad and hard to pinpoint, but it have to be fixed before release, so I may spend some time on that alone. I also finished the Breakout game created with Phaser for the workshop in Brazil.


BrazilJS recap with stories and photos from my trip to South America. Plus the blog post about the start of the js13kGames competition. Also, the Gamedev Phaser Content Kit was finally completed and the Phaser workshop and gamedev tutorials published.


Went to Porto Alegre (through Paris and Rio) for BrazilJS, the biggest JavaScript conference in the wrold. Spent around 24 hours one way and the same when getting back home, but enjoyed my stay so much! I gave a gamedev workshop on August 20th when I was teaching devs how to build games with Phaser. On the next two days, on August 21st and 22nd, I spent a lot of time showcasing cool games, demoing WebVR and talking about gamedev in general with everyone who was interested and visited Mozilla’s booth.


The js13kGames compo resources page, places summary, submit form, and tons of emails sent.

Plans for the next month

Continuing with js13kGames, especially around September 12th-13th when 80% of the entries will be submitted. Also the rest of the month to follow up with winners, prizes, printing, shipping and everything else.