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Enclave Games Monthly Report: May 2015

This time the main focus was put on creating the gamedev materials, so there was little to none work done on the games themselves.


Not much has happened as I was working on the gamedev workshops based on the Breakout game and the related Content Kit. Bugfixing in Wizard Quest is going very slowly as I’m spending way too little time on it.


The last month was mostly about the Gamedev Canvas Content Kit – a set of materials (articles, slides, demos) teaching HTML5 game development from scratch in pure JavaScript that can be used as a base for the workshops or a conference talk.


I attended Front-Trends conference where we were demoing the Firefox OS devices at the Mozilla stand. It was a great opportunity to meet with front-end friends and talk with new, interesting people.


The usual work for publishers – implementing APIs and SKDs. Through May I participated in Mozilla’s Tech Speakers pilot program which was a great way to learn a lot about speaking and preparing technical materials. The fun fact is that I refreshed my CV for the first time in more than two years – the time when I started Enclave Games as a full time gig.

Plans for the next month

Starting up js13kGames as there’s around two and a half months left till the next, fourth edition. I’m still missing a backend for the website where I wanted to have lots of new cool features – dev accounts, internal voting, feedback and such. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time and skills to work on it on my own. Anyway, it’s high time to get in touch with potential sponsors, get prizes, contact judges etc. A lot of work to do, but very rewarding – the community around the compo is simply amazing.

At the end of June I will be flying to Canada for Mozilla’s work week in Whistler – that’s gonna be a great experience I just can’t wait for. I’ll spend most of my time with the Technical Evangelism team, but I’m also gonna catch up with the MozVR guys.

There’s always some room for Wizard Quest in my plans, but it’s still “in the meantime”. I wish I could just push whatever I have right now, get all “this game sucks” negative feedback and carry on with the next projects.