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Enclave Games Monthly Report: March 2015

With a major delay, but here it is – monthly report for March. It’s quite short, boring and a little bit pessimistic.


Not much of the actual game development happened, but I refreshed the source code of the Cyber Orb game demo for the MDN tutorial and created yet-another-clone of Breakout for the purpose of the workshop materials teaching game development from scratch without any frameworks, so pure Canvas manipulations.


I finally found some time to finish the MDN tutorial about building Cyber Orb game with Phaser (and using the Device Orientation and Vibration APIs in the meantime) which was hanging there as a draft for far too long. There’s also a follow-up post on Mozilla Hacks focusing on the mentioned APIs. The Breakout workshop material is being written and should be ready soon.


I was speaking at the Warsaw IT Days event just before I flew to Berlin for Hack on MDN weekend. I really enjoyed my time there, and finally worked on the workshop materials which I wanted to do for a long time.


The gamedev thing I’m trying is just not working. Companies screwing me over, so I have to fight to get money I deserve, which could never happen. New games for licensing, but it could take months to finish the deal. So much freezed money for things I already did or doing right now, yet I won’t be seeing it soon. Gamedev don’t bring me happiness if all I’m thinking about is that I can’t pay for rent or buy food. But it’s my passion, so I’ll probably figure something out.

Plans for the next month

Not sure, will see – probably Mozilla related, some tech evangelism stuff. Writing, speaking, teaching and so on.