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Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2014

The whole month passed so quickly, almost everything revolved around the js13kGames competition with which I still have a lot to do – print and ship the t-shirts, manage all the prizes etc. Here’s the detailed break-down of my work during September:


There wasn’t much time left for gamedev this month because of the obvious reasons – js13kGames. I worked on a client project and a little bit on Wizard Quest. I wanted to spend more time on the latter, but the competition is just too time consuming. I haven’t published Triskaidekaphobia in the Mozilla Marketplace, because there was a bug I didn’t even had the time to investigate and fix.


Nothing new this month – either writing nor publishing. One article about the Gamepad API using the Hungry Fridge game as an example got stuck in the review process.


I was speaking at the World of Gamedev Knowledge in Gdańsk and Meet.js Summit in Poznań. The first one was a conference focused on gamedev in general regardless of the technology while the second one was a front-end conference. I talked about the Firefox OS and HTML5 games at WGK and about the Gamepad API at Meet.js Summit. Those two were totally different for me as I knew almost nobody from the gamedev scene in Poland while the Summit was more about meeting friends and partying rather than focusing on the knowledge.


Yup, js13kGames – that’s generally most of my time in September.

Plans for the next month

Basically the same as the ones a month ago: finishing client work and my own Wizard Quest, finally starting with the workshop materials, and speaking at some conferences: Game Industry Trends in Warsaw (already did that) and maybe one from those two: ZTG in Poznań or MozFest in London, still to be confirmed.