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Enclave Games Monthly report: May 2014

I was quite busy through May, but I can’t say I’m completely happy with the results. Here’s the summary of my work that month.


You can read “the making of” of the Monster Wants Candy game which I wrote a few days ago, go check it out if you want to know the short story behind it. Nothing more was posted, but I’m still trying to find the time and motivation to finish the 4k-words-long Phaser tutorial that uses Monster Wants Candy demo as an example.


I can finally say that my third mobile HTML5 game, Monster Wants Candy, was published. Now all I have to do is to finish and release Hungry Fridge and Full Immersion, so I can work on Wizard Quest next. I’m so excited to start working on the game (again), but I know I have to finish “almost finished” projects first before starting something new so I won’t end up with tons of stuff that will never be online.


I was doing the lightning talk during the Front-Trends 2014 conference – the title was Playing around with the Gamepad API and beside talking about the API itself I also demoed Hungry Fridge and mentioned my chapter in the HTML5 Game Development Insights book. I won’t actively look much for the speaking opportunities as I want to focus on making games for some time now.


  • I’ve been interviewed by Rubén Lozano and the interview was posted on Indieverse – go check it out!
  • I’m trying to promote Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter as much as I can. Peter from Cooper Press helped me a lot by mentioning my newsletter in his #140 issue of HTML5 Weekly. I was also able to put some job offers from Weeby (formerly Game Closure) – if you want to work in the game industry you should check them out.
  • I’ve added some Donate buttons across the few of my websites, but didn’t promote them much, so after a month the total income is a round 0.
  • Thanks to Ewa I was able to refresh Enclave Games home page – you can see all three games published so far.
  • I’m having a three weeks’ streak on GitHub with the gamedev code – so far, so good.

Plans for the next month

I want to finish Hungry Fridge and publish the story on Mozilla Hacks, then finish Full Immersion and prepare some workshop material based on it. I should publish those two games in the first half of the June and then work on the workshop and start developing Wizard Quest in the second half. Gonna give myself at least two months for the game – “One Game a Month” doesn’t quite work for me.