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30th December 2016 in Events

After selling all 20 tickets for the first workshop in less than 24 hours, it was more than obvious that the second one is going to happen really soon.

It took us three weeks, because we had a hard time finding the venue, but we finally did it. It may sound strange if you realize we’ve organized the second workshop at the exact same place, but at some point it wasn’t an option and we checked a dozen of potential venues with no results. Luckily enough the Aviva spot was available again and we announced the workshop as soon it was confirmed.

We sold 11 tickets in 4 days. The second edition was having almost the same material, although slightly improved. The photos from the event can be found here.

A matter of perspective

I have to admit that I was expecting the same interest in the second edition of the workshop, which to be honest was way too naive approach. Before the first workshop I wanted to lower the price as much as possible to see the pure interest in the topic. It went way better than expected, so with the second one I wanted to start focusing on the “commercial” part already.

At first I was disapointed it didn’t sell like the first one, but after a second thought I realized it’s not that bad after all. We had 11 new people that were genuinely interested in learning how to create HTML5 games. The event was announced just a few days before the actual date, two weeks before Christmas. People were willing to pay us anyway – even though the price has almost doubled.

Given those circumstances, and considering it a quick follow-up for those who didn’t make it for the first edition, it’s definitely a success. We’ll see how the tickets will be selling if we announce the third one properly, and spend some time advertising it.

Upcoming events

To keep the flow going I hope to organize the first Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup in the next month or two. After that we’ll probably think about doing some more workshops – with the old material, or something brand new.

I also have an idea of a mini game jam or hackathon for all the workshop attendees so we could actually work on delivering the prototypes they designed during the workshop and bringing them to life. The next on the list would be to try and invite other devs with their gamedev related topics to share the knowledge under the Gamedev.js brand.

I’m very curious if it will work out. If you want to be up to date with what’s happening you should join our Facebook group, follow our Facebook profile and Twitter account. See you soon!

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