Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda demo is here

30th May 2016 in Enclave Games

Originally planned for March, the new installment of the brave Captain Rogers in the form of a playable demo is finally here – better late than never.


I still remember the first game, Captain Rogers: Asteroid Belt of Sirius which was built more than three years ago – it was first used as a case study for the Firefox OS related talk I gave at the Web-5 conference in France.


If you look at that game and then compare it with the new one you can say that both the technology and my skills have changed a lot through those years.


I’d call it Captain Rogers 2, but Robert did a few other games with that character “in the meantime”, so it could get some people confused. Well, for me it is a sequel anyway – it’s still about flying through asteroids, but now you can finally shoot at things! The full version will include more worlds, weapons, collectible bonuses, enemies and bosses.

Just like I did with the first game, the second one will be used as a case study for articles, tutorials and other materials related to HTML5 game development. I already started by using it – see Building games for Firefox OS TVs article for details.

Play Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda DEMO

If you’re reading this, then it would be awesome if you could give me some feedback, so I can improve it and build the best possible version as the final one, so people can enjoy playing it, thanks.



13th June 2016, 18:18

The game is awesome. I played it maybe for nearly 15 minutes, but it is too hard to defeat the boss to my opinion. An probably there are too many rocks, also the only collision with the enemy spacecraft is fatal, should be more lives.


17th June 2016, 17:31

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add it when updating the demo!

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