HTML5 Gamedev Starter

16th July 2013 in Enclave Games

Here’s the spontaneous work I did today, a single page targeted especially for the new HTML5 game developers that are looking for a list of places they should visit to start and to be up-to-date with HTML5 game development:

HTML5 Gamedev Starter

I did this because many people were asking me about various HTML5 gamedev things like conferences, distribution platforms, competitions and I was writing this every single time. I have to admit that I’m lazy and now I can just give them a link and point them to the exact spot.

I built this for myself, but thought I can also share it with others. If you want to add something you can email me or just send a pull request on GitHub. Do you know other places with lists like this? What do you think about it, is it even needed or just a waste of time?

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