Every day can be a backup day

19th June 2018 in Blog

I had an unpleasant surprise last month when my laptop decided to shut itself down and not allow me to turn it on for a few good minutes. (re)launched

6th June 2018 in Gamedev

Usually most of my projects wait many months (if not years) in limbo queue to be actually released, because the TODO list have countless items on it and I constantly add more, but from time to time something happens and the item from the top is magically launched.

Progressive Web Apps and Games

4th June 2018 in Enclave Games

It’s been a few months since I started working on the Progressive Web Apps series of articles for MDN Web Docs, it was way longer when I wanted to actually start doing that but didn’t have the time, yet the story finally have a happy ending.

Barbie joins Enclave Games

1st June 2018 in Enclave Games

Today’s blog post is less serious than the usual ones – it’s going to be about our new employee. It took me a few months to finalize this transfer, but I’m happy to announce the Enclave Games crew got bigger: we have Barbie on our side.

Js13kShop with Amazon Merch

16th May 2018 in js13kGames

The online shop with js13kGames t-shirts many of you asked for in the past few years is finally up – go get the js13k swag!

Enclave Games Monthly Report: April 2018

2nd May 2018 in Enclave Games

It seems the last few months were quite intense – either because of various events, or me finally getting back at writing. April wasn’t different from that too.

A-Frame Workshop at SwingDev

20th April 2018 in Events

After the three meetups: #1: intro to WebGL and WebVR, #2: A-Frame and React VR and #3: from the trenches we met last weekend and had a workshop learning how to build WebVR games.

Open Source Budapest meetup #23

19th April 2018 in Events

I was invited by Flaki to give a talk at the Open Source Budapest meetup – guess what I talked about this time?

WebVR Warsaw #3: from the trenches

18th April 2018 in Events

Third WebVR Warsaw meetup happened at the beginning of this month, on April 5th – this time we had one presentation and some lightning talks.

TechKlub Kraków

17th April 2018 in Events

I was invited to travel to Kraków and give a talk at the TechKlub meetup on April 4th – theme of this edition of the meetup was… games, obviously. I probably wouldn’t write about it otherwise.