First Gamedev.js workshop in Poland

5th December 2016 in Events, Gamedev

It’s not that Gamedev.js workshop #1 was my debut in a role of the workshop lead – I did run one at Mozilla Festival in 2013 and the other at BrazilJS in 2015 – but it was the first one in Poland and at the same time the first one ever organized by me. I wanted to do it for the past few years already, but it’s better late than never.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: October 2016

3rd November 2016 in Enclave Games

I’ve spent most of October writing blog posts documenting September activities (be sure to check September’s Report), and mostly just catching up on emails and projects.

Success story of Evil Glitch

31st October 2016 in js13kGames

The fifth edition of the js13kGames competition ended a month ago already, winners were announced, but I’m still getting all the things sorted, including the prizes and t-shirts. In the meantime, here’s something about the winning entry.

Control mechanisms in JavaScript games

28th October 2016 in Gamedev

I’ve just completed writing another quite big update for MDN Games – this time about implementing controls in HTML5 games using Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda demo as a case study and explained the source code of the pure JavaScript demo in detail.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2016

24th October 2016 in Enclave Games

September was a busy month, even more busy than August – you can tell by looking at how many posts were published between those two reports: exactly six.

Scooby-Doo promo game made with Phaser

22nd October 2016 in Enclave Games

I did a quick gamedev project for The Digitals – it was a Scooby-Do themed game that was promoting Dr. Gerard‘s new snacks.

Mozilla Gameathon in Hyderabad

16th October 2016 in Events

It was a game development hackathon that happened on September 24th at CVSR College of Engineering in Hyderabad, India and was organized by Harsha Bandaru – Mozilla Representative in that area.

Current state of HTML5 Game Development in 2016

12th October 2016 in Enclave Games

I wrote a guest blog post for the JS Kongress conference (where I’ll be running a workshop on how to build HTML5 games with Phaser) about the current state of HTML5 game development in 2016, or at least my point of view on the given topic.

Upcoming Phaser workshop at the JS Kongress conference

10th October 2016 in Events

If you’d like to learn how to build HTML5 games with Phaser and will be in Munich at the end of November, then I’d like to invite you to my workshop at the JS Kongress conference.

Fifth year of js13kGames – the 2016 edition

6th October 2016 in js13kGames

We have 127 success stories this year – that’s the number of entries submitted in 2016. Finishing a game is not an easy task, even more with given constraints of size and time, that’s why I appreciate every single one submitted for the js13kGames competition.