Gamedev.js by the numbers

8th November 2017 in Gamedev

The Gamedev.js YouTube channel reached 100 subscribers, so I was able to finally change the channel’s url to a memorable one instead of a random string, and the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter reached 200 issues, so I decided it’s a good excuse to do a little review of other Gamedev.js-related numbers.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: October 2017

6th November 2017 in Enclave Games

Even though the js13kGames competition ended, there’s still plenty of work to be done. I did manage to do some other things in the meantime though.

A-Frame at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

1st November 2017 in Events

After I gave a talk about A-Frame at the Warsaw IT Days in April this year I was asked to give a similar talk, but for the students of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Gamedev.js Warsaw #8

31st October 2017 in Events

The last regular meetup happened in June, and then during vacations we had a special js13kGames Launch Party event. After the break we’ve returned with Gamedev.js Warsaw meetups in October.

KFC promo game for Facebook Messenger

18th October 2017 in Enclave Games

I rarely do client work, but if a friend is recommending someone, I can at least talk about the details. It worked a year ago with Scooby-Do, and also this time with KFC.

Game Industry Conference 2017

16th October 2017 in Events

More than a week ago I was speaking at the Game Industry Conference that was held during the Poznań Game Arena on October 5-8th 2017 in Poznań, Poland.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2017

4th October 2017 in Enclave Games

More js13kGames. No, seriously. The tension was slowly growing in May, preparations were intense in June, then July was crazy busy, August at least had a few articles published, and in September the compo hit the roof with the number of submitted entries.

Meet.js Summit 2017 in Gdańsk

25th September 2017 in Events

Meet.js, originally started by Damian Wielgosik, are local JavaScript meetups organized by the community and happening across the country. Meet.js Summit is a community-driven, more or less yearly gathering in the form of the full-blown conference.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2017

22nd September 2017 in Enclave Games, js13kGames

Last month’s report will be about… yeah, the exact same thing as the previous couple of months: js13kGames. At least this time I have a few resources and blog posts to share.

Js13kGames 2017 Launch Party

12th September 2017 in Events, js13kGames

We did something brand new this year – organized launch party for the js13kGames competition, as part of the Gamedev.js meetups in Warsaw.