One Game a Month 2016 – half a year status check

11th July 2016, 14:54 in Enclave Games

I decided to take a personal challenge and try to make one game per month this year. Half of that time already passed, so let’s see how it worked so far.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: June 2016

4th July 2016, 16:30 in Enclave Games

Wizard Quest is completed! I also flew to London for the Mozilla All Hands, and spent some time preparing the js13kGames 2016 competition.

I hate Wizard Quest

30th June 2016, 13:37 in Enclave Games

I hate that game, literally. Almost four years ago I started working on it with BlackMoon Design, it was suppose to be the first serious HTML5 game from Enclave Games, but it ended up being a huge pain – here’s the story.

Mozilla Work Week in London

29th June 2016, 16:07 in Events

It was the first Mozilla Work Week happening outside of the USA, and it was in Europe – London, England to be exact. Interestingly enough it took place a week before BREXIT.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: May 2016

3rd June 2016, 16:30 in Enclave Games

May was a relatively positive month even though I wasn’t able to finish any new game. I did a little bit of coding, writing and conference attending.

Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda demo is here

30th May 2016, 17:03 in Enclave Games

Originally planned for March, the new installment of the brave Captain Rogers in the form of a playable demo is finally here – better late than never.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: April 2016

13th May 2016, 20:13 in Enclave Games

It was a good month even though the gamedev work was highly disrupted by incorporating a new member into the team. She’s young, but I know she’ll be a great addition in the future.

Ludum Dare #35 with a twist – the making of Shape Attack

21st April 2016, 21:08 in Enclave Games

As you probably noticed I’m trying to keep up building at least one game per month this year. It’s not that easy, but the game jams can help achieve the goal – that’s why I’ve decided to take part in Ludum Dare #35 last weekend.

Tech speaking reactivated – two talks at the 4Developers conference

20th April 2016, 20:35 in Events

I had a break from traveling around the world and speaking at various JavaScript conferences for the past few months, but decided to jump back and give two talks last week.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: March 2016

19th April 2016, 22:17 in Enclave Games

March 20th 2016 was the release date of my biggest project yet – Kasia Mazur. All she’s interested in right now is crying, sleeping and pooping, but in the near future she’ll be our Creative Director, Event Coordinator and probably also a QA Tester in the Enclave Games family.