Enclave Games Monthly Report: January 2016

10th February 2016, 23:28 in Enclave Games

I’ve worked on a TV game, traveled to Singapore and wrote an article for MDN Games – January was a good month.

Enclave Games in 2015, and plans for 2016

5th February 2016, 20:03 in Enclave Games

The past 2015 year was moderately good for me and for Enclave Games. Check out the article if you’re interested in what happened over the last 12 months and what are the plans for the future.

PolyJam during Global Game Jam 2016 – the making of Ritual Duel

3rd February 2016, 17:08 in Enclave Games, Events

I participated in Global Game Jam 2016 happening last weekend and this is the first time that I can actually say it was a good one as I was able to finish the game – even the smallest one. Here’s how the Ritual Duel was created.

Mozilla Leadership Summit in Singapore

1st February 2016, 23:26 in Events

With the new approach to Participation in Mozilla, the volunteer gatherings will be called Leadership Summits from now on. It’s something new for me too as I don’t consider myself a leader at all.

Enclave Games at CES 2016 in Las Vegas

7th January 2016, 00:33 in Enclave Games

It’s official, so I can share the good news: brand new Panasonic TVs running Firefox OS that are showed at the CES 2016, one of the biggest electronic shows on Earth happening right now in Las Vegas, will have Captain Rogers 2 as one of the demo applications!

Enclave Games Monthly Report: December 2015

5th January 2016, 21:54 in Enclave Games

It’s this time of the month again – let’s see if Christmas got in the way of doing some cool gamedev stuff in December.

Mozilla Work Week in Orlando, or Mozlando in Disney World

4th January 2016, 19:47 in Events

I had the great pleasure to be invited to the Mozilla Work Week which took place in Orlando, Florida, USA on the week of December 7th-11th. It was my second Work Week as the first one was in Whistler six months earlier. This was a special one because we were spending our time next to the Disney World.

Open Enclave Games

30th December 2015, 21:24 in Enclave Games

I’ve open sourced the Enclave Phaser Template a few days ago while working on the new version of Captain Rogers, and realized that Enclave Games already have a few open source projects, so it would be cool to list them all on one page.

Enclave Phaser Template is open sourced

27th December 2015, 16:13 in Enclave Games

I’ve created and open sourced Enclave Games’ starter template for building HTML5 games with Phaser and I hope you can use it in your next gamedev project.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: November 2015

8th December 2015, 21:38 in Enclave Games

I spent November writing gamedev articles for MDN, demoing WebVR in London and realizing I finished a game some time ago already.